Welcome to JLW

J.L. Walston & Associates is your solution when you need recovery without sacrificing the relationship with your customers. J.L. Walston & Associates has successfully collected millions of dollars from accounts that were often considered not collectable. Our tenured staff is dedicated to maximizing performance for our customers. We offer a variety of convenient ways to pay without the embarrassment of confrontation. If the problem is complex, our courteous and knowledgeable staff is prepared to discuss the issue with your customer to work out a successful resolution.

Our customers rank us #1 because our collection rates exceed the national average and our team of representatives is superior when assisting our customers. Our Navigate secure web portal allows our customers to audit their accounts, place accounts for collection and download reports 24 hours a day. By today’s standards, all collection agencies should offer secure web portal access to audit accounts, easy access to reports and the recording of calls. Collection agencies that record telephone conversations provide customers with confidence in the ethical collection techniques provided by that firm.

“This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information received may be used for that purpose”